The ins and outs of being a new author

You're never too old to be stressed...
You’re never too old to be stressed…

I am trying my best, I really am.

I wrote a book (it’s apparently the thing to do when you want to be an author).

I passed it on to beta readers I found on Goodreads (they all loved it, but they were nice women to start with so they might have been overly kind), and now to an editor (will she trash everything and ask me to restart?)

I’ve requested an ebook cover from a great designer.

I’ve read tons of blogs along the lines of “what to do when you’re a beginner”, books teaching me how to write better, and got in touch with some fellow Indie authors (all with so much talent and experience under their belt I have envy syndrome).

Yet I am nervous as hell. Yes, I am a worrywart, hubby and kids keep telling me off for it. I feel like a teenager the night before her exams and her first date with the guy she had her eyes on for months and her visit to the doctor for a niggling problem, all rolled into one.

What if nobody likes my story? What if I spent the last few months sweating on my laptop for nothing, nada, zilch, rien? What if readers and reviewers shun me after that, never wanting to glance at any of my future works?

And the list doesn’t stop there.

Do I get the book out as an ebook only (cost effective and my wallet won’t have an echo when I open it), or as a paperback too, in case some people prefer this format?

Will the fact that book two features two characters completely different from the couple in book one alienate readers? Book one has happy-go-lucky, funny, feisty characters. Book two has moody, brooding characters. There is a common trait in my heroines though: they are both strong, even if their strength manifests itself differently. But is it enough?

So many questions, so little answers…might as well go and make myself a cup of tea and curl up on the sofa.

With a box of chocolate biscuits.

Until I return to my laptop to add a few words to book two.

5 thoughts on “The ins and outs of being a new author

  1. Hello, darling.

    This was the absolute most nervous I was when I finished. I am still relatively new at this and am still struggling. If it helps, I self-published through amazon. I have no funding either and am working lots of hours to fund myself.

    Want to be newbies together?


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