One for the minorities

peas-580333_1920I’ve never followed trends. Whether it’s in music, movies, books, fashion, or anything else, I’ve noticed that I tend to dislike what the majority adores. Actually, I don’t like it when I have the same opinion as the masses.

I listen to bands who are just about unknown in the UK, though it’s not to say that some of them aren’t successful in their own country. The well known songs of today bore me, and they all sound the same.

Movies? The big blockbusters didn’t get any money from me. I’ve never been attracted to any of them, and roll my eyes when I hear that the same movie has been re-made for the tenth time, with younger actors, better special effects, blah blah blah…

Fashion? Well, I’m simply too old to follow trends. I’d look ridiculous, and my kids would make fun of me. “Mummy, you look weird,” they said when I wore a maxi skirt once in the summertime. The skirt is now crumpled at the back of my wardrobe, awaiting to be discovered when I decide to do a massive spring clean. So in two years time, really.

As for books…ah books. I’ve never read the famous ones. Fifty shades of Grey, Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, Girl on the train…there are too many to mention. Now, I’m not saying those books were bad! I’m only saying that I was never interested in them, and the few excerpts I dipped my toes in didn’t make me change my mind.

I like different, original plots that the majority might spurn. I like being different, and I admit being a tad egotistical about it.

Of course, there are exceptions. I love Linkin Park, the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, and every single book written by Agatha Christie, for example.


But in general, I’m in the minority. My tastes are not shared by many.

And I’ve written a book that (obviously), I like. Does that mean it’s doomed already, because I didn’t follow the trends?

Anybody else feels the same?

My kind of cat. Unusual. Different.
My kind of cat. Unusual. Different.

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