Does my face look big in this?

Nope, it’s not me

So I’ve been browsing the internet for advice on how to market myself as a brand new author launching herself in a land already populated by gazillions of other writers.

And the recurring advice that came back was this one: have your face posted on your profile, maybe even have a professional photo-shoot.


Do I really have to expose the ugly mutt that is my face to the poor masses? Isn’t there enough misery in this world?

Now of course, it doesn’t help that I have a phobia about being photographed (ask my mother: she hardly has any pictures of me growing up) (and hubby only has one, our wedding picture) (dear God, I look so stiff on it) (it’s because I was).
But do people REALLY need to see what I look like to suddenly think “oh, now that I see her, I’m so going to buy her book! Where’s my wallet, I don’t even care what she writes!”

As a reader, I couldn’t care less that an author chooses to keep his/her privacy by refusing to change their profile picture of a wet dog licking its nose/leprechaun sitting on a rainbow/Bart Simpson mooning/whatever else. It’s their choice, and that will never deter me from trying their work if it sounds like something I’d enjoy.

But am I alone in thinking this?

Have other authors found an increase in sales, or even in people awareness, when they posted their best profile (pun intended)?

One thought on “Does my face look big in this?

  1. Actually showing the face is building trust. My uni lecturer always was saying that. And I treat people more seriously if they reveal a little bit of themselves. My last article on my marketing blog reveals a few secrets abt that xd

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