Full steam ahead!

My editor has come back to me, and I’m glad to say I don’t have a lot to change/add to my manuscript (well, less than I expected…), so I’m getting closer to a release date, woohoo!!

Bree at http://breearcher.com/ has also received the go ahead for MY FIRST BOOK COVER EVER. I know, I know, capital letters overload, but it is exciting! I love the mock-up cover I chose: the colour, the font, the atmosphere…*melts*

Bree should be done by Monday or Tuesday. For the terrific work she does, her prices are very reasonable (believe me, because I’ve scoured the internet and finding someone like her wasn’t easy) so I fully recommend her. Give her my name  should you request her to make your own cover, right? Hint hint.

Next step is make those pesky pages nobody ever reads, you know, the acknowledgment, copyright etc…I think I’ll just copy what other authors put on their e-books. My Kindle will be put to good use. Thank you, Kindle!

Then will come the formatting through draft2digital. The site will hopefully be as good (easy) as I expect it to be.

Anyway, the wheel has been set in motion. Roll, roll, roll!!!


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