No one reads those pesky pages…right?

A dancing frog…just because.

So I have finished writing the pages necessary in a book, the same pages that as a reader, I skip and pass and hop over without a care.

I’m talking about the “Acknowledgements”, “Copyright”, and “About the Author”. Some novelists even have a “Note from the Author”, “Dedication”, and I might forget about some others futile pages.

Who the heck reads those??

I’m an avid reader. I’ve read thousands of books, both in print and on Kindle. I’ve always flicked those first pages to go straight to chapter one.
I couldn’t care less that Peter, Paul and Mary helped the author to write the book, or that their dog Mortimer had been their biggest support.

I am not particularly bothered to discover the author’s entire life story and thought process. I do like to know the basics, like where they’re from for example, but I’ve seen some long winded statements that bored me to tears.

To me, it’s all about the book. The blurb, the cover, and the story. The rest is details.

Do you read those factual parts? Be honest…So that I know if I have to lengthen my bio to 152 pages and thank the cousin of the daughter of the aunt of my neighbour’s niece.

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