My 5 must-have conditions for writing

Not far from the view I have

After a few months of putting pen to paper  fingers to keyboard, I’ve become pretty clued up as to what I need to be at my most inspired, and write, well…more. I believe every writer has their own preferences, just like we all have our own approach to writing. Some opt for structure, while others favour more improvisation. I’m the latter. But this is a topic to delve into in another post.

  1. Away from the family areas.
    I don’t have an office, so I write upstairs, in my bedroom. Or in my son’s bedroom, because I actually prefer the height of his desk! I don’t get any distraction caused by a full washing machine or a pile of dirty dishes reaching the ceiling. When I’m downstairs, there’s always something to do. And it’s not writing.
  2. A small, enclosed space.
    The whole of downstairs is one big open plan area, and I can’t concentrate with too much space around me. I like the coziness of a small room.
  3. Quiet, quiet, quiet.
    When I have people talking around me, children running, or even some music being played, my brain can’t work properly, and I lose track of my ideas. I do sometimes listen to a specific genre of music to put me in the mood for a scene (it helps a lot), but not while I’m writing.
  4. A cup of tea.
    I’m a tea lover, what can I say. I live with a cup embedded in my hand. Nothing like a hot drink to keep me relaxed and get the creative juices flowing.
  5. A nice view.
    Another reason why I prefer my boy’s bedroom to mine. He’s got a better view! His window faces the waters of the Moray firth and the grassy hills of Black Isle. What’s not to like? My own window opens onto my neighbour’s houses. Not as wild and romantic.



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