How naive of me…

I have made my book/website etc…public less than a month ago, and I’ve already received 5 e-mails along the lines of “your book seems to be the best thing since sliced bread, I can post a 5 star review for you and help you promote it for a teeny tiny fee.”

Erm, first of all, I’m offended that people think I’d be stupid/conniving enough to accept such offers. Second, I had no idea I would receive this kind of e-mails. Naive of me, I guess.

I had heard about a scandal, where a firm had been found to post fake 5 star reviews on authors profiles, some of them best sellers. I didn’t expect, as a complete nobody, to be even targeted by those scams!

2 thoughts on “How naive of me…

  1. I think those scammers will especially target new authors who don’t have as much reviews yet as those might be more easily tempted to say yes? It’s good to realize they are scams and not accept them. And I think review requests are indeed similiar to sending out your cv most bloggers who aren’t interested won’t reply and some will probably reply a bit late. I still have to reply to your review request e-mails as well.


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