So little time…

clock-276747_1280My brain is crammed full of ideas for the next two books, not including the one I’m writing. I obviously want to finish my current one, but after that, I’m facing a dilemma.
My head says: write the third one in the series, make it a final one, and then you can focus on something different.
My heart wants to do contemporary romance first without finishing the series, just to work on something fresh. In theory, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem, since all the volumes in the series are stand alones.

How I wish I was a fast writer. How I wish I had lots of time. How I wish I could publish three or four books per year, but unfortunately, it seems two is my maximum. What is other authors’s average? I’m talking self-published of course.

I wonder how others work. I tend to think a lot before I type, probably too much in fact. Of course, it doesn’t help that English isn’t my first language, but after 15 years living in the UK, I can’t justify using that as an excuse!

I tend to work in spurts too. One day, I’m going to write, write, write and another, I’m going to procrastinate in front of the screen. Some scenes unfold themselves easily, others give me a headache.

To top it all off, I’ve had the cold for two weeks now. I’ve blown my nose more times than I’ve blinked, I’ve stuffed myself with medicine that does not work (why do I keep taking it?), I’ve gone to bed early and I’ve laid comatose on the sofa more than once under a Winnie the Pooh cover (don’t ask). Not easy to write with a runny nose…

Anyway, here’s to an exciting 2016!! Now, where are the tissues?

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