O expert, where art thou?

town-sign-749614_1920So I reached a chapter where one of my main character discloses her back story.

And I had to change that story from my original idea.

Why? Because I made it too complicated. Not complicated as in full of endless twists and crazy turns, but complicated as in hard to find the information necessary to make it legit. In this particular case, I had to know about the immigration system, and I’ve been unable to find specific answers. Maybe I didn’t look in the right place, but a creeping headache forced me to abandon the idea for a less “legal-pain in the butt” one.

It wasn’t the first time I’d hit a brick wall with some delicate situations, mostly regarding the legal system, but also the medical world. When you’re trying to make your scenes sounds realistic, it helps to show that you know what you’re talking about. And I know nothing about the procedure for the adoption of a terminally ill baby for example, or what a doctor would do if someone got electrocuted, then cracked their head open in their fall.

There are many other instances where a little research is necessary. It’s part of the writing process and to that, I say thank God for internet.

But sometimes, I wish I had experts at hand.


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