That tricky middle

I noticed that there are three phases in writing a book. At least for me.

In the first half, ideas are fresh, motivation is high, characters feel like new friends. It’s the leisurely jog, with bouts of speeding.

Then past the halfway mark, it suddenly dawns on me that I’ve finished only that. Half a book. And that there are a lot more words and interesting scenes to think of, organize and write. The steady run then turns into a marathon. I start panicking I don’t have enough material, or that maybe the whole plot was a mistake. I plough on regardless, eyes riveted to the word count. It moves at a snail’s space, just like my brain at this time.

And then the light at the end of the tunnel. I see the finish line. Words fall on the page faster, excitement mounts, it’s the final sprint. When the last sentence gets typed, euphoria is at its peak.

“Why don’t you plan your plot a bit better?” would you ask. Well, I do have a rough sketch in my head of where things need to go, of course. I know the overall story, the important events, and the ending. I never go into details, because for me (it’s a personal opinion), it breaks my inspiration. I want my characters to surprise me as much as they would surprise the readers. A plot planned in too many details feels too contrived, too flat. Not spontaneous enough.

On a different matter, I finally decided on a title for book two.

*Drum roll*

It’s “Forever and One Week”.

I wanted to keep the “forever” in the title, since the series involved Spirits bound for life, but I hesitated for a while between two titles. I settled on this one.

What do you think? Keep or bin?

6 thoughts on “That tricky middle

  1. I like how you kept Forever in the title for the second book as well. It’s interesting to hear about your writing process and how it seems to consist of three phases. i wonder how other authors experience writing and if they also have phases like that.

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