Forever and One Week is with the editor. She warned me of a three to four weeks wait.

Reactions from my beta readers have been varied. One hated it and criticized everything. And I mean, everything. She was the first one to send her feedback, so imagine the horror, self-doubt, paranoia and depression that followed. I had to wait 2 weeks to receive more feedback, this time positive, from 4 other readers. My brow stopped sweating then, bar a single drop of nagging doubt (what if the one who disliked my book was more representative of a majority???) dog-1104876_1280

Two readers didn’t find anything to change. Two advised a few minor ones, which I followed because they were easy to do and more to the point, made sense to me.

My cover artist has e-mailed me to say she should be ready to send mock-ups today or tomorrow. I’m so excited, I can’t wait! I think the cover is my most favourite thing to organize. It adds a proper visual side to my novel and determines the whole feel of it.

On another note, hubby has registered himself with a chef’s agency and is starting tomorrow as relief head chef. He’ll get sent anywhere in Scotland, from a few days here to a few weeks there. I knew that with his experience, he’d have no trouble finding work, but I wasn’t expecting him to start the day after he registered. This will be the first time in the 15 years we’ve been together that I won’t see him every day, since he’ll be live-in staff. I feel blue.farewell-1188653_1920

I haven’t been alone with the kids for days on end before either. I am biting my nails at the notion. It’s not like I have any family around to support me! Thankfully, I have wonderful neighbours.

Time to rediscover my independant self I think!

2 thoughts on “Update

  1. It is handy to have multiple beta readers so you can hear multiple point of views. I think that as long as you read all the feedback and correct what makes sense it work best. Just curious did the person who didn’t like it did enjoy the first book?
    And the cover for the second book is great! I almost have the cover reveal sign-up post ready, so I should have that live tomorrow.
    I hope your husband enjoys his new job, but that must be difficult to not have him around for so long. Good luck!


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