How did you meet your other half?

love-560783_1280I’m in a romantic mood today, so I thought I’d talk about real life love encounters.

My own story first:

I met my husband in a hotel in Ireland, where I was working as a waitress. He arrived a few weeks after I did, as a chef. He went out with another girl there first and as soon as they broke up about a month later, he started dating me. So I was the rebound girl, or at least I thought I was. Neither of us were looking for long term love, but life had other plans, since 16 years later we’re married and we have two children!
For the anecdote, we gave our kids Irish names 🙂

giphy (3)

I love my grand-parents love story:

My granddad was from a rich and influential family who owned lots of land in their area. As the eldest, my granddad was set to inherit big, so when he started seeing my grand-mother, who was from a modest family, his family turned against him and my grand-ma. My granddad followed his heart though and he married the girl he loved, despite the inheritance being withdrawn from him. They had 14 kids, and my grand-mother never re-married after his premature death at 54 🙂

A friend of mine met her husband at sixteen, at school. He was her first and only love, as they are now married with four children. They actually tied the knot early, when she was twenty-one, and I remember thinking “wow, she’s my age, and she’s a wife already!”
My sister-in-law also married her first love.

My mother’s sisters married two cousins. Might as well keep it in the family, right?

Another aunt was pursued by two brothers. She admitted she chose her now husband because he was the tallest of the two lol.

Married or not, how did you meet your other half? Let me know in the comments 🙂

2 thoughts on “How did you meet your other half?

  1. That’s interesting you met each other on your job in a hotel. And it’s interesting how you weren’t looking for long term love, but sometimes love happens when you least expect it.

    Your grandparents their love story sounds like something out of a romance novel! That’s so romantic he followed his heart and married her despite his inheritance being withdrawn.

    I met my boyfriend at high school. I switched to another friend group when my previous friends all graduated and met him in the new group, we had a lot of late night talks online. But it didn’t turn into anything more until after a camping trip we took with friends and only a week or so after that he finally said he was interested in me and we started dtaing and are still together now.


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