Help me by voting for my new avatar

So far, I’ve used an avatar related to my paranormal romance series Spirits of Saoradh, but since my third book is a contemporary romance with no link to the series, I thought I’d make a more generic avatar. I don’t have Photoshop or any sophisticated software; I could only play around with Paint and Word, so don’t expect anything too glamorous.

Avatar 1 will fit with my website straight away, the other two would require me to change everything (I don’t mind though).

I’ve made 3 different versions, with one that I liked most, but when I asked my hubby and my mum, they both preferred the one I was the least keen on. So here is where you come in 🙂

Please vote for your favourite design. Any additional comment is welcome too, such as “the font needs to be bigger/different” or “the background should be pale blue instead of white” etc…
Knowing that again, I am very limited with my design tools…but hey.

Thank you!

15 thoughts on “Help me by voting for my new avatar

  1. I voted for avatar 1 as I like the font in that one best and for some reason I associate your name/ avatar with red now, so I think staying with red works best. I like the design/ background of that one the best, although I do hope it still shows some of the details when you have it very small. I think the font size is okay, as this probably will be the size it will be on social media as well and this size is easily readable. The other two are nice too, but I feel they are a bit too empty? If you go with one of those a background color might help.


    1. I searched for “copyright free frame border” pictures on Google. Inserted one in a blank word document, right click to “fix its position on page”, then right click again to “wrap text, behind text”, then typed whatever I wanted wherever I wanted. alt+print screen that I pasted to Paint. Cropped to keep only the picture. Et voila! 🙂

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  2. I voted for number 3 because I feel less is more, plus, the corner design is quite distinctive 👍😃
    Just for the fun of it, have a look at the effect of one large C to cover the rest of both names, instead of separate C’s – you might like it, (or not 😄 )


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