FREE Paranormal Romance on Amazon

Today, until the 26th of September, paranormal romance Forever Hers is FREE to download. So why not give it a try (and leave a review too if I dare ask) (and I do 😀 )?

Find Forever Hers hereAmazon USAmazon UK

medium-social-media-ForeverHers (1)FOREVER HERS
He was supposed to change her life. She changed his.

Feisty twenty-four year old Holly, or Miss Greedy as her friends call her, receives a wooden cube as a gift from an enigmatic elderly lady who happens to be her mother’s new neighbour in Lossiemouth, a small Scottish fishing town.
What she doesn’t expect, is for the cube to contain Blayne, a Spirit of Saoradh only she can see and touch. Blayne is a playful, headstrong ghost with no recollection of his human past and an ability to grant Holly’s wishes whenever she calls for him — as long as said wishes don’t raise any questions from the public that is. So a shiny new car might be out of the question, but the possibility of a flat stomach, a consistently spotless house or a perfect daily hairstyle more than make up for it.
Through their incessant banter, Holly and Blayne grow closer while fighting against their mutual attraction since they have no possible future together.
But when the painful reality of Blayne’s existence is revealed, Holly will realize that it’s not always the girl who needs to be saved.
Find Forever Hers hereAmazon USAmazon UK

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“This book was such a pleasant surprise. I liked the sound of the original premise, I haven’t read many books about spirits/ genie’s, so the blurb made me curious and I eventually decides to give this book a try. And I am glad I did as it was an enjoyable read. I easily got lost into the pages while reading. It was a well written and original story.” Lola – Lola’s reviews

“Excellent, quick read without plot holes and with well-developed characters. Enjoy!”Jill-Book reviews by Jill Corley

“In the end, this book is not your typical ghost romance book; Instead, this spirit grant wishes and the female is saving the male character. Personally, I love when they do that in books, it’s so much fun for me to read about a strong female character saving her man or saving the day.” Zara – The bohemian housewife

“The first thing I have to say is WOW! I was gripped from the very moment Blayne appeared in Holly’s bedroom. Their chemistry was undeniable from the get go and led to some very funny, sweet and sexy moments. Their playfulness added a cute and lighthearted twist and allowed me to fall into their story effortlessly.” Chantelle-Emma,beta reader

“Overall this book is fantastic. As a first time author I really think Ms. Cairn has done an excellent job and I can’t wait to read more of this series. I would definitely recommend this book to all lovers of PNR.” Cassandra, Nerd Girl Official 

“This book is awesome!! I started reading this book and the characters seem to develop really fast and I found myself having problems putting the book down. The story moved along fast and I really enjoyed it. I think anyone who likes romances, or paranormal stories of any kind would really enjoy this book. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.” Alice, Paranormal romance authors that rock

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