Life goes on…for now :)

So I have finally managed to get over the shock, grief and anger at my diagnosis of advanced cancer. I know my life has now considerably shortened, but I am able to take each day as it comes and enjoy the present without thinking too much of the future. I’ll be on treatment forever, but I now know that this isn’t the end for me yet.

Not yet.

Now, onto something less depressing hey?


I’ve bought myself a small desk that fits perfect in the corner of my bedroom. I plan to make it a cosy, pretty place with beautiful crystals, colourful pictures and maybe some flowers too. I am SO ready to start writing again!


But hi-ho, hubby decided to re-do our son’s bedroom now, from the flooring to the walls, so the little (well, not so little, he’s eleven!) one is sleeping on a mattress in our bedroom in the meantime. Right behind my new desk. That I then haven’t been able to use since I bought it last week.


I’m maybe halfway through “Recipe for Disaster”. I re-read it, and boy, it shows it’s a first draft! But I’m going to carry on with the story regardless, and will self-edit once the story is finished. I’m still unsure about the ending though. It will be a happy one of course, but I’m not sure yet how to get there.

I’ve also realized I need to change a couple of things, like the nationality of a secondary character, as well as his job.

It’s funny, my novels are all set in the UK, but somehow, there is always at least one character who isn’t British in them. Forever Hers had an Irish guy and an Italian girl, Forever and One Week had a Caribbean girl and an American girl, and Recipe for Disaster has a Chinese brother and sister, as well as a Spanish man, though he’s the one who I need to change the nationality. I now need him to be English.

A few tidbits about Recipe for Disaster:

  • the story is set in Kent, England
  • the main characters are twenty-eight and thirty
  • the story is only told through the woman’s point of view
  • the man is an insomniac. And he’s scared of storms…but there’s more to this that meets the eye. Hence the single POV. Dun dun dun.

I’ve also written the blurb, but I want to show it to at least one beta reader before I expose it to the whole wide world. I wouldn’t want to repel prospective readers with an unclear/boring blurb.


Until then…bye!

2 thoughts on “Life goes on…for now :)

  1. I was quite shocked when i read your previous post, I still have trouble wrapping my head around it. I can’t imagine how much worse it must by for you and your family.
    Your new writing desk sounds like a lovely spot to write, I hope you can make use of it soon when your son moves back to his own bedroom.
    I am really curious about your new book! It sounds like it will be a fun one. And now I am wondering what the mystery is behind the man and why it’s in one point of view only. And the title is great! I am looking forward to read the blurb 🙂


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