My new puppy

I just had to show her to you, she’s so cute!

Her name is Pixie, she’s a cavalier King Charles spaniel. On the pictures, she’s 8 weeks old, but she’s now 11 weeks old, and boy has she grown! She’s my first dog, so I’m probably doing everything wrong, but she’s a proper ray of sunshine in the house. The kids love her and fight to play with her. My little girl treats her like a doll though, so we keep telling her to stop carrying the dog all the time. Puppy doesn’t seem to mind however…

Pixie is a greedy girl, very curious and stubborn too. I’ve only heard her bark 3 or 4 times, and each time, it was a single bark. She’s totally silent at night, which we all appreciate.


I’m now covered in dog’s hair since she loves cuddling on my lap, and my writing is suffering too because I tend to favour playing with the puppy rather than sit down at the laptop. Naughty me. But how could I resist those big brown eyes???


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