Forever and One Week



“The premise seems strange, but it hooked me right away. The chemistry between Logan and Tessa was HOT! I loved the slow burn and all the flirting. It was a very well written romance. Then there was the fantasy aspect of it, which was done very well also. I would highly recommend this book for people who love a dash of fantasy with their romance. I can’t wait to read more in the series!” Cynthia – Bingeing on Books

“I have never been more glad for a long weekend. On the day I decided to pick up Forever and One Week is the day my passion for paranormal romance was reignited! Everything about the book screamed “DON’T-YOU-DARE-PUT-ME-DOWN!”. From the start, I was pulled into the mysterious world of the spirit void, mortal bonds, and wishes-granting ghosts (that are hot rather than creepy).” Natasha – Dreamland Teenage Fantasy

“This is the second book in this series and oh, boy is it good. The author has given us so much in this book. We get action, depth, and the romance well it is a bit different and slow to grow but it is there.” Tammy – Book Nook Nuts

“Logan and Tessa together are fantastic. They are funny, sometimes awkward, heartbreaking and heartwarming. I really enjoyed their interactions with each other. Caroline has a wonderful writing style that keeps the details flowing without becoming overbearing.” Kelly – Kelly’s Book Blog

“The story unfolds nicely, telling the story of two solitary characters who had something happen to them in their past they still aren’t fully over. I felt like they both helped another and were able to change, open up and deal with things better because of that. I really liked these two man characters and their romance, they brought out the best in each other.” Lola – Lola’s Reviews

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