Some of the reviews for Forever Hers.

The first thing I have to say is WOW! I was gripped from the very moment Blayne appeared in Holly’s bedroom. Their chemistry was undeniable from the get go and led to some very funny, sweet and sexy moments. Their playfulness added a cute and lighthearted twist and allowed me to fall into their story effortlessly. For me it was without a doubt a 5* read. It was an honor and a privilege to read this truly amazing piece of literature.
Chantelle, beta reader

This novel is intriguing and poses to keep the reader’s interest. Believe me, the reader will not want to put this one down. The author keeps the ball rolling in the story, always twists and turns that build the story from scene to scene.
The characters were great, very lovable. Caroline brought in the elements of love, romance, family, and friends and when love is right, it will happen. Loved it, loved it!
Wil, beta reader

2 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Forever Hers – Book 1 in the series called Spirits of Saoradh by Caroline Cairn
    I am writing as a beta reader that believes in this story. I hope you do too.
    This book is yet to be published; but if you like paranormal, romance, mystery and delightful humor, then please watch for the publish date. The characters are interesting, there are twists and turns. There is angst and sadness. And the humor ranges from a smile to a snort-laugh. While the ending is not HEA it is HFN, and remember that it’s book #1 in the series. There is more to come, I’m sure.

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