Wish I could go there

I thought I’d post something different today.
Since my series involves Spirits able to grant wishes, I  had the idea to show you which places I’d make a wish to visit.


Japan. I’m particularly interested in the historical/traditional side of Japan. As some of you may know, I do read my fair share of mangas, and watch the odd animation too, so I would love to see with my own eyes this culture I’ve read so much about.
And apparently, their patisserie is as good as what the French produce. As a French woman myself, I’d have to verify the fact. More than once. It’s my duty.


Hot natural pool in Iceland. Do I need to say more?


New Zealand. I admit the scenery reminds me of Scotland, but not quite. Again, like Japan, I am more interested in the countryside than in the big cities. Maybe I can re-create some scenes from Lord of the Rings? I’d be a better Frodo than Arwen, but hey…


Lapland at Christmas. I want to see Santa and go on a sleigh pulled by those beautiful huskies, see the northern lights, and curl in front of a roaring fire with a hot chocolate in a pretty chalet…PERFECTION.


Futuroscope, France.  I went there over 20 years ago, it was fantastic. At the time, they were at the forefront of all visual technology (the 3D and 4D movies, the 180 degrees movie screen…). I’d love to see what they offer now.


Disney World in Florida. I promised the kids we would go one day, and stay in one of those massive villas we see on telly. You American people have the coolest houses. Ours are tiny in comparison.


Paradise island. It could be the Maldives, Bora Bora…I don’t care. Just some white sand, a gazillion starred hotel/private villa, sun, and my husband. I guess I’d have to wait until the kids have left home for that one, because no way would I take them here lol. It’s too romantic a setting. I’ll go when I’m old enough to be free from them…so when my boobs reach my knees, my eyes close at 10pm, and my hips creak at each step then. Can’t have everything.

Where do you wish to go to?

16 thoughts on “Wish I could go there

  1. Aw… you’re making me homesick. 😉 I almost jumped when I saw the Lapland picture, because it looks exactly like where I’m from.
    Me, I’m always yearning for Wales and Yorkshire. And Ireland to some extent. And London. In short, the British Isles!
    Although I do have some interest in Japan as well, but my sister was there and told me controlled behaviour was extremely important, so if you’re a disorganized slob with no control of your limbs (which I am), you should go to South Korea instead. 😀

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    1. Christmas in Sweden must be like in the movies, I envy you! Ireland is great too, I lived there for a year. London, on the other hand…not for me. Too busy, too crowded, too noisy. My teenage self would cringe to hear me say this though 🙂


  2. Oh great topic for a post! If I had a genie I probably would wish to need less hours of sleep each night. It would be great to have one extra hour for work or fun each day.

    There are so many places I would like to go. I would love to visit Scotland again as I thought the country was beautiful when I visited the first time. And Germany, I can never get enough of that country. I also would like to see Japan, the US or Canada once, but as I am afraid of flying/ airplanes, that probably won’t happen. Or Norway, it’s always been on my travel list and while that one is actually doable, I’ve never been there. And Lapland during Christmas sound great too.

    I also prefer to see the countryside and nature when visiting other countries, but like to see some big cities as well, as cities in different countries are very different too. It’s interesting to see the differences. It’s also one of the reason why I like books that take place in other countries, to get a feel for the culture and way people live there.


    1. What a tragedy to be afraid of flying. It does limit your travel choices. I guess you use ferries a lot 🙂
      I am seasick, which hubby, who was born and raised near the sea and spent a lot of time on boats, finds hilarious.


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